Protect your personal assets by incorporating and/or becoming an LLC

LLCs are great,  but only offer  protection at the state level. If you incorporate your LLC, you’re protected nationwide. Let Bizdoks incorporate your company to limit your worry about your personal assets

C corp articles of Incorporation

Form 2553 to apply for an S corp election

Operating Agreements for LLCs

C  corporations have the same rights as an individual. However they may require too much formality for a new business just starting out. Under the right circumstances it’s shares of stock may be sold to raise capital.

S corporations are small business corporations and are many times perfect for new businesses.  You must request permission from the IRS to use this designation which has no tax liability unlike the C corporation

LLCs offer your business protection at the state level.  They aren’t recognized by the IRS unless incorporated but they also protect your personal assets. When you’re just starting out this may be the right option for you.

After incorporating or forming an LLC you'll want these

Meeting minutes for your C corp

Articles of incorporation for your approved S corp

Statement of information for your LLC

to ensure your company can stand up to the courts if your corporate status is challenged, is to document and file the minutes of your meetings.  It limits disagreements and helps maintain your limited liability status

Not unlike a C corporation, most states require subchapter S corporations to file articles of incorporation. Bizdoks will prepare your articles ensuring they meet all filling requirements for your state.

Most, but not all states require that LLCs file a statement of information. This allows the state to determine the status of your LLC and if it’s still operating.

Bylaws for all organizations

Virtually no states require that you file your bylaws with them.  But. it’s a good idea to check to ensure the rules for your state haven’t changed. Bylaws are generally not required for limited liability companies. However, they clearly establish how an organization will be run. Should you decide you need documented bylaws or if your state requires you maintain a written copy, Let Bizdoks prepare them for you.

We prepare any document you need to get your company started or any document you need once you open for business