Meeting Minutes for Corporations, LLCs or LLPs


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If you will have us to prepare your meeting minutes for you, please read the commentary and complete the form below before adding it to your cart.

There are many things a corporation must do to maintain its limited liability status, including remaining in good status with your state and following other required protocols.   Only you can ensure that you remain in good standing with your state by paying state taxes on time, operating your business legally, and meeting all state requirements to achieve continued operation in that state.

One issue of compliance to ensure your company can stand up to the courts as well as your state if your corporate status is challenged, is to document and file the minutes of your director’s and shareholder’s meetings.  Limited Liability companies usually are not required to document meeting minutes, or observe the formalities required for corporations. However, it’s always a good policy to maintain a documented record of all agreements between members to avoid future disagreements.

We can offer suggestions on how meeting minutes should be transcribed.  We can take care of the distribution of the meeting minutes to any party you decide should receive a copy and we will offer suggestions on how to file your meeting minutes for future reference.

We won’t use a cloud sharing system unless that is what you want, we e-mail every recipient you identify, a PDF copy of  the meeting minutes.  We then act as your filing system and keep your prior records on file for your convenience.  Typically you can get copies of a previous meeting in under 24 hours.  If you would like to have us to prepare official meeting minutes, take care of your distribution and filing issues, please complete the form below.

label>If you would like the us to send your completed meeting minutes to an alternate address click this box and provide the alternate address. Draft meeting minutes will be forwarded to the person designated prior to being forwarded to other approved parties. Please note who draft meeting minutes should be sent to below

Please select from the list below, allowing us to know what type of organization we will be preparing these meeting minutes for. LLCs are a state designation not recognized at the federal level, and typically do not require recorded meeting minutes. It is however, a good practice and file any document that affects your company. It can prevent disagreements on issues previously agreed to.



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