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Sometimes its better to operate under a trade name.

You may understand why Bizdoks will only prepare registration and licensing paperwork for LLCs,  Corporations and non-profit organizations. And, we understand why it may be better for you to operate under a trade name rather than the official name of your company.

The brevity and memorability of your company name can have a major impact on attracting customers. And, more importantly on having them make repeat sales. For example, if you had a corporation officially named Mendleson, Johnson, Brown, Tucker and Pointer, Inc., that isn’t exactly memorable. But, if you did business under the trade name of Moe’s Bows, and sold custom bow ties, people would tend to remember your Name.

In business, this may be referred to as a trade,  fictitious, Doing Business As, or other similar type of Name. Many times it makes more sense to use a DBA rather than the official name of your company. If you think this is for you and your company no one offers a better deal than Bizdoks. And we maintain records of any paperwork you have us to prepare so any time you need it you can get access.

We send you the completed forms and all you have to do is sign it, include the state filing fee and mail it. We keep it simple and affordable. Compare prices and service and we’ll see you when you get back.

If you did not apply for your EIN through us, please scan and submit a copy to us using our contact form. Most of the additional information required to complete this form for your state will be included on your Federal form SS4. (Application for an employer's EIN number). Otherwise, one of our representatives will have to call you, for any additional information we may need to complete your form.


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