Plan for success or you are doomed to fail

Rumors small business can’t make it are not accurate

SuccessThere is a school of thought that has many people believing that small businesses can’t make it today. People who accept that as fact use it as an excuse for why they won’t even try to open their own businesses. Those same people tend to jump at the chance to become involved in multi-level marketing and other get rich quick schemes believing it will lead to success.

Those types of schemes typically promote the fact that by joining them you may be in business by yourself, but with them you are not alone.  They however conceal the fact those types of businesses expect high turnover so it doesn’t matter to them If you make one sale or 1,000.  They are able to attract so many people that if each of them made only one sale, the owners of the get rich scheme are a success and get rich. Which is more than any of their sales people can hope for.

If you thought opening a business would mean instantly becoming rich, maybe being in  business is not for you. Being in any real business requires hard work, planning, flexibility and dedication. When you work for any of the get rich quick programs you will work hard usually for less than you might earn flipping burgers.  You will be a consultant to them, but whether or not you are in your own business is questionable.  You will be helping them to further their plan rather than your own.  Get rich schemes don’t allow for flexibility and anything else you do would have to be another business.   They encourage dedication to them rather than to yourself. When you fail, they try to convince you that you didn’t do things their way.

What is the answer for you?

If you want to go into business you must first of all believe you will be successful. The Saafenet training manual available at our training website will show you how.  But the belief you will be successful without the proper training can lead to you working without a plan and the determination to work hard.  Your plan must be flexible because the business you originally planned may not be the business you wind up with.

You have to stop looking for an easy way out.  Any business you can get into for a few dollars, or claims of a $100 start up sounds too good to be true. And typically if it sounds too good to be true it usually is.  Join the Saafenet Revolution and let us show you the right way to start a real business. And, dramatically increase your chances of business survival over people that have not joined with us.

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