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Many new business owners don’t understand the importance of licensing


It’s easy to forget you must be licensed to operate legally. Additionally, if your business has employees or sells taxable goods or services, you must register with your state taxing authorities. You may even have federal and local licensing and registration issues that need to be addressed.

Companies that don’t stay current with regulatory and licensing requirements lose money. Because they pay unnecessary late fees as a minimum. As a result, money is lost, that could be spent growing their businesses. But it can become far more serious. Companies found to be operating unlicensed can be shut down. Taxing authorities would have no way to determine your earnings. Thus, they may make an unfair estimate of your unpaid taxes. This could lead to gigantic tax liens and even incarceration in extreme cases.

What types of licenses are required?

Depending on the type, location and other factors related to your business, you may be liable for the following registrations and licenses:

• A general business License

• Home Occupation Permit

• Occupancy permit

• Zoning Permit

• Building Permit

• Health Department Permit

• Sales Tax License

• Sellers Permit

• Fire and Police Department Permit

• Withholding Tax Registration

The struggle of getting a business started, or dealing with its day to day operations can cause you to overlook these requirements. Unfortunately, the ones that relate to your business are mandatory. If you treat them as though they are options you could be put out of business. Not simply because you failed to do the research to know you were required to have them. But, because of the healthy penalties and interest you could face for this over-site.
Bizdoks helps you to avoid the pitfalls of being unlicensed
Attorneys are great for offering advice on contracting issues. However, they are typically not as familiar with many issues businesses face on an ongoing basis. Especially registrations and licensing. Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) are generally more familiar with the issues most important to small businesses. Therefore, the help you receive from Bizdoks is handled by CPAs.

And you get that help at a fraction of what it would cost to hire a CPA on your own.

Many companies claim to have a business license compliance package. However, all they do is send you the blank forms you need. At Bizdoks, our CPAs identify the forms you need and complete them for you. All you have to do is sign the completed forms and mail them. And, in the unlikely event we make a mistake we can’t correct , you receive a full refund of your money paid for our service. If the error leads to penalty and/or interest and its our fault, we’ll pay that for you as well.

Compare the features of our business license compliance package to what anyone else online offers

• We provide you with an overview of the licenses, permits, & tax registrations required for your business • Additionally, you receive all completed forms, schedules and attachments where required. • You’ll receive addressed envelopes to mail your forms. All you have to add is a stamp. • Our package includes detailed information on how much money to send with each application, where necessary.
Compare these deliverables to what anyone else offers on or offline and if you can find a better price we will beat it. It doesn’t make sense to allow anyone to handle your licensing issues other than Bizdoks. And, when you are ready for us, we will be ready for you.

Why choose Bizdoks

With Bizdoks You No Longer Have to Worry About Registration or licensing Issues

registrationsThere are many organizations online that claim to address the registration and licensing needs of LLCs and Corporations. Yet, none of them allow you to forget about whether your registration and licensing needs have been met, so you can focus on growing your business.

With Bizdoks, you know you are getting everything you need with any of our services you select. Not unlike an other company offering to ensure you are properly registered and licensed, we do an exhaustive search to determine every license you may need at the Federal, state, county or local levels of government. What makes us different is that we don’t send you blank forms you have to complete yourself. Our licensing specialists complete every form for you. What you receive are completed forms with envelopes addressed to the government agency to which they should be sent. All you have to do is sign the forms, enclose your check and mail them.

But, then we maintain files for you. So, if you ever need proof your form was filed, we have your back. Though we have access to attorneys should you need help with licensing Attorneys are great for litigation interpreting contracts and other similar issues. CPAs however, only work with the unique needs of businesses. Registration and Licensing are issues they are typically more involved with than attorneys.

We offer a 100% guarantee of your complete satisfaction. Ask your self, can someone offering everything even compare to an organization that specializes in the Unique needs of LLCs and corporations. We guide you through the process of getting your LLC or corporation started the right way. Then we ensure you are always properly registered and licensed to operate legally. A lot of other companies let you figure that out for yourself.

Don’t start to operate without the proper licenses

Bizdoks will prepare the paperwork to get the licenses you need

Application for license

No matter how well you set up your business, you can’t serve your first customer unless you are properly licensed. Again Saafenet through its Bizdoks website has the answer for you.   We contact your state to determine exactly the type of licenses you need to operate your business legally there.  We also determine if there is a need for any separate local licenses. But we go a step further and determine if you need federal licensing as well.

Keeping your licensing files straight could cause you to incur the expense of an administrative assistant or a file clerk before you are ready to take on the cost of payroll.  Not to mention the fact it takes time from you or an employee that could be devoted to growing your business.  Let us become your filing department, and know you can come to us seven days a week to request a photocopy of your files and defeat any challenge against you being properly licensed.

Bizdoks will help you win in court by helping you to maintain your limited liability status.

court attorneyThere is a rumor going around that if you incorporate your company or form an LLC, you’re safe from courts.  Well, no one says what you are safe from. Corporations have very specific formalities that must be observed to limit your liability.  Persons that select the LLC form of business do as well though not as strict as those imposed on corporations. If you do not required formalities the court can choose to say you were operating as a proprietorship and deny your limited liability status. Even if your business was incorporated.

Just because you’re over 55 doesn’t mean you just wait to go to the next plain

Becoming a senior citizen may work to your advantage when it comes to starting your own business

seniorToday people are living longer. And, its not strange to see an elderly person strick it rich in his senior years.  Now more and more seniors, even those well over sixty five years old are starting a second or encore career.  At Saafenet we believe if you plan you work after you retire, you should work for yourself.  If you haven’t done it before you don’t know what you are missing.

Many seniors shy away from new businesses because of rumors that 9 out of 10 new businesses fail.  But the Saafenet Corporation has developed a means for eliminating the primary reasons for new business failure.

Senior citizens will complain that they have no idea what type of business they would go into.  But the Saafenet training manual helps you to decide. Other senior citizens will insist they don’t know how to prepare a business plan.   But the Saafenet training manual describes how to develop a personalized business plan and how to keep it current for use in managing your new business.

The biggest complaint from seniors is that they don’t have the money to get started.  And, that they are having trouble just getting by.  But, the Saafenet Corporation has developed a five point plan to get you into business without spending a dollar of your own money.

Still many seniors will complain that they are uncertain how they will be able to keep the business alive once they open.  Well, the Saafenet Corporation provides you with best practices for surviving in business for the long run.  This is not a get rich scheme.  There are no pyramids to build.  You don’t have to buy a sales kit. Because other than a product or service you decide to sell, there is nothing you have to sell for us.

Why should gamble your senior years on your own business

The Saafenet Corporation reduces the probability of failure by many times.  With those issues removed you’ll see  you have reached the best time in your life for this.  If you’ve retired from your job, you don’t have to worry about unreasonable supervision. If you saved you likely have some retirement income. And, if you planned it right you are probably getting the maximum you can collect from Social Security.  If you can live on what you have, The Saafenet Corporation can show you how to to start a business without ever spending a dollar of your own money.  So what’s your excuse now?

Your choices are to live broke and alone or spend the next few months defining your destiny

Women aren’t the only ones who raise kids alone

Single parentSingle parents are not only women. Though they wear that stereotype. Today the number of single men raising families is on the rise.  In the past, women seldom left home except in the case of domestic violence. Now some women earn more than their domestic partners. And, some will leave their children home to be raised by a man, while they go find themselves.  But, no matter how you became a single parent, it can sometimes be an unpleasant existence.

The responsibilities of raising one or more children, can leave you stuck in the house alone. That may be an ongoing nightmare for some, but, others simply accept it as the status quo. Generally, both schools of thought have a single parent believing life will be the same until the kids are grown.

Get the registration and licenses you need without spending a fortune

Stop worrying about your licenses and business registration

registrationIf you began your journey of the Saafenet Triangle of Business success at our training website you will  have already addressed your business registration and licensing issues.  Your business should have been registered with the federal government,  and you should have your Employer’s ID Number.

Continue reading Get the registration and licenses you need without spending a fortune

Thanks for coming to our document preparation site

 Thanks for dropping by

preparationIf you found this document preparation website by just surfing the web. Or were an upgrade from our training website,, we are thrilled to have you here.  Bizdoks was designed to be the next stop for our visitors that became one of our business colleagues. Bizdoks is the information website of the Saafenet Corporation, and everyone is welcome no matter how you arrived.

Bizdoks will offer you document preparation services you need so you can spend your valuable time growing your business.  And, isn’t that why you started a business. If you should decide to become a member, you will receive tax and accounting advice, even your CPA may not know. And, you can join for free.  If you feel you need more, we also have a paid membership. Get money off at any Saafenet blog or website, where business startup products are sold.  With our our paid membership. And not only will you be able to review the few posts available to non-members, but you will also be able to see the expert posts only available to members and premium posts made especially for you.  So what are you waiting for? Become a Saafenet business colleague today.

It doesn’t matter if you are from a poor family in the inner city or are a struggling single parent.  We show  everyone how to build a business no matter what your circumstances.  We take special pride in the ways we’ve shown single parents how to build a business after work.  If you are working a dead end job and want more, visit our training site and redefine your destiny. Let Saafenet help you decide what to do with the rest of your life if you are retired. Remember, people are living longer lives and your retirement years are the best time to catch up.