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Business planning

The fastest route to profitability is matching the right business to the right customers

The key to starting a profitable business

dollar-1702283_1280_optA material problem for anyone going into business is to develop an idea that will sell. The development of a business idea will seldom be a problem for you. The challenge for you will be to give up on an idea your research has proven may not be profitable.  Doing so, may be the first test of whether you are flexible enough to even consider opening your own business.

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Money is made by focusing on your business

work on your business not in it

moneyIf you are already in business you may be trying to do everything yourself. It’s impossible for a person to plan strategy, do the accounting, manage licences and registrations and other unprofitable tasks alone.  And,  give your company the attention it needs to prosper.

Many people consider themselves brilliant and make just that  same mistake.  Because they don’t understand, in business it is the plugger who survives not the prodigy.  Had they obtained our training manual they would already know that.  It explains how a true entrepreneur doesn’t care what something cost as long as it increases his bottom line.

Hiring an experienced CPA to help plan your strategy may be expensive but his fee is tax deductible.  Having him review your books is expensive but he will ensure it’s being done right.  Further, he will be better than you at planning and preparing your taxes.  An experienced attorney is expensive but he will help keep you out of legal trouble which can prevent future losses.

These and other professionals help your business to grow if you don’t make the mistake of using them too soon.  But it is you who must be the entrepreneur and key person in your business.  Both CPAs and attorneys offer business licensing registration services that could cost you thousands of dollars.  Using them for that purpose could be a mistake.  Doing it yourself can save you money.

Here’s what you should do

You don’t need an attorney to tell you that your business must be properly registered and licensed before you serve your first customer.  What you need is a place where you can get those things done prior to your grand opening.  A place that will ensure you have done all you need to operate legally. You don’t need an accountant to prepare your business taxes before you make your first sale.   What you need is a place that will ensure you have current information on all the latest tax strategies.  This will allow you to ensure your CPA doesn’t miss a deduction to which you are entitled.

Bizdoks allows you to take care of all of that for a fraction of what it would cost to have it done by a CPA or an attorney. But, even after doing all this yourself, you still need to maintain files of your registrations and licenses and keep them updated and current.

Using Bizdoks for your administrative services, benefits you in many ways

  • Bizdoks will prepare every major federal or state license application you need to operate legally.
  • Bizdoks will remind you if you have inadvertently missed something along the way.
  • Files will be maintained for you, so if you ever need a copy of your business information Bizdoks can email it to you immediately.
  • We will remind you in advance of any modifications or renewals you need to address.
  • We will keep you informed about any changes to best practices for registrations, licensing or taxes simply by reviewing the posts at our websites.
  • You automatically become a Business Colleague of the Saafenet Corporation and receive discounts on anything you get from our websites.