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Increase your business IQ and knowledge

The Saafenet Corporation offers websites to help put you ahead of most people opening their own businesses. Our free business training offers you featured posts on the differences between manufacturing, service and merchandising businesses. Helping you understand all businesses fit into at least one of those categories. Some businesses may have attributes of all three categories.

In addition, you will find free downloads that may help you decide if going into business is the right choice for you.  Most people dream of one day owning their own businesses but allow statistics, fear and rumors to stop them.  The Saafenet Corporation helps get rid of your fears.  We show you most statistics are really rumors planted to prevent you from becoming a problem for your competition.

We offer you articles written by credible sources on why you should open a business.  Next, there are posts showing you every step required for starting a business to what needs to happen once you open. We help  help you understand the 90 percent failure rate of new businesses is a myth. Then we help get rid of your biggest fear.  Not having the money to start your own business.

We describe the Saafenet fundraising process.  Almost everyone trying, it raises between $20,000 to $50,000.  This is more than enough to start hundreds of businesses. Many of which, are listed in our ever growing list of start-up suggestions of companies that have the capacity to make you a millionaire.

All this information is free and without obligation

Our visitors may read everything they need to know free of charge. If it inspires you to start your own business, great.  We recommend you obtain a copy of our training manual. That will increase your knowledge of the right way to start a business when you are starting alone.   And, it will show you how to get money to get started, you don’t repay.

Ensure your business has been properly registered and licensed by learning everything you need to know at Bizdoks or if you need free start-up advice, information on government contracting, or tax tips, visit Saafenet our primary website. If you are already open for business, and want help increasing sales, visit Saafenet to obtain our basic or premium consulting service. For those of you that are serious, our training manual will have shown you how to get the money for anything shown at this or any other Saafenet website.

We prepare any document you need to get your company started or any document you need once you open for business