Additional Business Services

 Sometimes it’s best for a company to operate as a non-profit organization. Some for-profits need to operate under an assumed name, And sometimes you just want to be sure you have every license required by law. Look at our additional services to see if you can find what you need.

Application to become a non-profit organization

Application to use an assumed name (DBA)

Documented copy of your meeting minutes

Registration in the SAM system

Registration and licensing compliance service

Do you love giving a helping hand to those less fortunate? Well, if you start out right, you have a much greater possibility of getting funded when your organization has been determined to be a 501 (c) 3 by the Internal Revenue Service.

The name of your company is important. And, if it’s something your customers can’t remember, they can’t make referals and may limit how much they shop with you. Let Bizdoks complete the paper work to let you legally work under a fictitious name

Laws weren’t written requiring corporations to keep minutes of all their meetings as if there was no indication they be properly documented.

You don’t need admistrative support when you let Bizdoks take care of that

The federal Government can be the best client for small business. But you can’t do business with them if your company is not registered in the SAM system. Let Bizdoks prepare your application and avoid all that confusing work

Bizdoks will contact your state to determine exactly the type of licenses you need to operate legally there.  We also determine if there is a need for any separate local licenses, and, go a step further and determine if you need federal licensing as well.

We prepare any document you need to get your company started or any document you need once you open for business