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Bizdoks is the information preparation website for Saafenet. And, it has been delivering results since we opened in 2015. Our goal is to provide both superior customer experience and enormous value for visitors

Saafenet began its existence as a result of a two-year study. People  may review the results of that study to better understand why many were afraid to go into business for themselves. And, why those that did, met a disproportionate failure rate.  As a result of that study we developed methodologies to increase the success working people experienced opening their own businesses.

The belief an educated consumer had the highest probability of succeeding in business, lead to the foundation of the company.  This does not suggest college, graduate school, or other advanced education. Saafenet developed our training manual for this reason.

Our training manual explains how and why an entrepreneur looks at his bottom line. Rather than the cost of doing business. Thus, the cost of a business service becomes a secondary consideration, if its use helps the entrepreneur make more money.  The Saafenet Corporation takes it a step further, and shows an aspiring entrepreneur how to start a business without spending a dollar of his own money.

Most noteworthy, our system shows you how to build the infrastructure for your business while you keep your job. This being so, you may not have time to do everything in the four months leading to our recommended grand opening date for you. This lead to the launch of the information preparation website here at Bizdoks.

How Bizdoks helps you succeed

Our training manual demonstrates how to register your business free. However, there are only so many hours in a day. And, aspiring entrepreneurs needed a means to ensure they were properly registered and licensed prior to serving their first customer. Aspiring entrepreneurs need to focus on growing their companies not the completion of paperwork that doesn’t earn them a dime. And, in some cases may require the payment of fees.

Among other things, our study revealed most new business people had no idea what registrations and licenses were required. This lead to unnecessary research time, improperly completed forms and late fees for īncomplte or overlooked forms. Though certainly not the only reason this contributes to the high number of business failures. Bizdoks eliminates those problems for you.

First, we ensure you have every required registration and license necessary for any business to operate legally. Then we research the existence of anything outside normal registration and licensing issues, so you don’t have to. When you serve your first customer you know we have taken care of everything for you. And, we make sure you never miss a deadline for any form filed by us. Thus, we eliminate late fees and the burden they cause for new business people.

The corporation employs CPAs and business consultants with dozens of years  of experience in growing businesses. These people also have extensive exposure to accounting, and business tax compliance and planning issues.  Any new team members added to the original staff had to demonstrate he/she not only possesses those minimum qualifications. But, that he/she was also passionate about exceeding your expectations. Who better to ensure your registrations and license issues are properly addressed.

We can’t express our joy over your arrival

We have everything you need to start and license a business, giving you the highest probability of succeeding.  This is one of the most secure websites online. And we offer some of the most favorable pricing available. Our interest is in seeing you succeed in business, and we will leave no stone unturned to ensure you do. Most importantly, we are bound by the Saafenet promise.

We prepare any document you need to get your company started or any document you need once you open for business