Due to their superior survival skills, women need to open their own businesses

2/3 of all households in the United States have a woman as the primary breadwinner or as a contributing breadwinner

womenIt’s unfortunate in a country where marriage rates are low and divorce rates are high, many households are supported by women. Not that they are incapable, they usually do it better than men,  but at extreme costs.  Many, are also mothers, and without a mate, they may have to work multiple hard jobs just to feed their families. Working multiple jobs could keep them away from their families leading to discipline problems with their kids.

Some will argue the disparity in pay between men and women no longer exists.  However, women not unlike minorities are the last hired and the first fired. Even if they qualify for a job that pays as much as their male counterparts earn, they seldom get hired. This can lead to them accepting low paying positions jut to earn a living.  Making up for low pay could lead to working a second job. All of which can lead to low self-esteem accompanied by a belief they could never go into business for themselves.

Sure, there are women involved in the professions and management. However, their numbers are so low.  percentage wise it almost doesn’t register. What’s left is a lot of women forced to work until their children are grown and gone away from home.  Many of those women have no savings because they never earned much.  Few of them have retirement accounts and some have lost the ability to attract a mate.The Saafenet Corporation recognizes this problem and wants to lend women a helping hand.

Saafenet corporation wants to help

The Saafenet Corporation recognizes this problem and wants to lend women a helping hand. During February of every year, The Saafenet Corporation wants to give Valentine’s day gifts to all women.  We can show you how you could read our training manual in bed when the dust settles for the day for you.  We will assign you to a business coach who will guide you through all the steps leading to opening your own business.  And we’ll show you how to do it without spending a dime of your own money.

If you want help keeping your business open, we will give you half off on our one year email and telephone support.  If your business is successful maybe you can look back and help other women to realize their dreams.



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