If you haven’t gotten properly registered and licensed, you don’t have a business.

Getting your business properly registered and licensed can take time away from you growing your company.


Getting all the pieces put together to start a business is time consuming. And, if you do it wrong, it can be expensive. But, until you have your business properly registered and licensed with every level of government, you are not in business.

Getting registrations and licenses is time sensitive. And when you have a new business making sure you’ve covered all your bases can be overwhelming.  Depending on the type of business you plan to operate, you may be subject to any of the registrations below:

A general business License                           Home Occupation Permit
Occupancy permit                                              Zoning Permit
Building Permit                                                   Health Department Permit
Sales Tax License                                                Sellers Permit
Fire and Police Department Permit        Withholding Tax Registration
And that may just be at the state level. Some businesses will require federal registration and licensing. Some counties and local municipalities may require licensing in addition to that.  Sometimes it may make sense to let a professional prepare your licensing for you. Leaving you the time time to focus on your business and make more money.
You didn’t start a business to be a clerk, and you don’t need that expense if your business is new. Further, there aren’t many clerks that could begin to understand your licensing needs. Hiring a law or accounting firm that does a little bit of everything may not be the answer either. But the use of a company that specializes in the unique needs of your type of company would be the answer. We don’t prepare wills and trusts and miscellaneous items we only prepare registrations and licenses for corporations and limited liability companies. We don’t even work with proprietorships and partnerships,.

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