Don’t start to operate without the proper licenses

Bizdoks will prepare the paperwork to get the licenses you need

Application for license

No matter how well you set up your business, you can’t serve your first customer unless you are properly licensed. Again Saafenet through its Bizdoks website has the answer for you.   We contact your state to determine exactly the type of licenses you need to operate your business legally there.  We also determine if there is a need for any separate local licenses. But we go a step further and determine if you need federal licensing as well.

Keeping your licensing files straight could cause you to incur the expense of an administrative assistant or a file clerk before you are ready to take on the cost of payroll.  Not to mention the fact it takes time from you or an employee that could be devoted to growing your business.  Let us become your filing department, and know you can come to us seven days a week to request a photocopy of your files and defeat any challenge against you being properly licensed.

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